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Kenmore Elite GAS Dryer - NO HEAT - Checked everything ?


Kenmore Elite GAS Dryer - Model # 110.73952101 - NO HEAT - IGNITER NOT GLOWING

I have a SEARS Kenmore Gas Dryer that is not heating - NO Glow of Igniter. No Voltage ?
After checking all the usual components - Thermostat - High Limit - Thermal Fuse - Igniter - Motor - Timer - Heating Element all the above components checked out OK with Meter. Could not figure out why the heck I can't get Voltage down to the Igniter. Banged my head many times. Ran through the tech sheet diagnostics. I finally found out what was causing the non-voltage. In the event you ever run into this issue check the DRYER RELAY - (PART #3405281) located next to the Fabric Temperature Switch. This was the CULPRIT !! I guess these newer Dryers by Whirlpool have added another component.

Hope this helps! REPLACED THE DRYER RELAY - PART# 3405281


That dryer has been around a long time now.I guess this is the first time you ran into it.There are two relay in there that are the same. One for the heater and one for the motor.

The board sends 48vdc to the two relays one relay is for the motor and the other is for the heater and this closes the relays contacts causing the motor to turn on and the heater to come on if everything else is good in the circuit.No 48vdc suspect bad board.


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