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Code 62 from LEQ1442ES1 Electrolux Dryer (No help from manufacture)


Hello everyone.  I have an Electrolux Dryer in a rental house, that I noticed was randomly blinking LEDs and beeping.  Naturally, I pulled the lint screen and was shocked to see the cavity below it was almost completely stopped up!  I took the dryer apart and cleaned everything.  When I put it all back together, it still blinked and beeped.  Since then, I found the procedure for Codes and Run Tests.  There's no doubt it is giving a Code 62, which I cannot find online,  :'(.  I sent message to Electrolux and they answered....

"The 62 code means that the control panel has detected a heat relay failure."

They went on to suggest I contact an Authorized Service Provider.  (Isn't that what I'm doing posting here?)  I've done maintenance work all my life and have 8 years of Electronics in the military.   When I did the Run Tests, I could not make heads or tails of the Thermistor Temperature blinking LEDs.  I used my Temp Gun and got about 150-degrees in the Drum.  Is this about right?  This Heat Relay is mounted on the Control Board.  I'd hate to spend the $130, or so, only to still get a Code 62.  Any help greatly appreciated.   :thanks:


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