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I see lots of posts about the dishwasher blinking but could not see my particular situation. Hope you can help me.
  I had the wiring harness replaced a couple of years ago for a recall and I believe the man removed my model no.
  I have a sticker on the main control board with the part number.
      On to my problem-----When I close the washer I have a blinking light on the start/reset button.can hear the sequence switch advancing but no pump or water going in or anything. If I dont touch it it will advance further in a few minutes and finally all, the options will light up like it is ready to go but when I push the start/reset button that button blinks forever.

  At this point I'm hoping it to be the control board rather than the sequence switch as I dont have the part number for the switch.
What do you think?

I want to add:::When I shut the door and push start it will cycle the timer like it was washing dishes. Takes about an hour and a half before it stops.What I'm trying to say is the timer cycles like the machine is doing it's thing but no pumps or water or anything.

Dishwasher still broke and wife is angry. Anybody have a guess as to my fix?

Post your model number.

Sounds like a bad control, look for your manual, sometimes model number or parts of model number will be on user manual.

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