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Great answers.  I stayed up most of the night last night trying to research the 'net to figure out what to do.

Like here, I found many potential answers. 

I decided to go with the simplest set-up first and see what would work.

The brown wires are both completely brown, no white stripe.

I retested the fuses, which I suspected I had blown in my first wiring attempt.
They were good when the repair guy was there, because the compressor was

The fact that I miswired on my first attempt is why they say "Don't try this at home." 
I prayed that I hadn't REALLY fried my complete system (and thankful that I hadn't
fried myself.)

I had, in fact, blown both fuses.  I replaced them.

I connected the black high speed fan wire to the fan relay.

I screwed the green ground wire to the frame.

I connected the two brown wires to the capacitor.

Yes, I replaced the capacitor & yes, I made sure it was
rated for the motor.

There had been a blue wire attached to one of the posts
on the capacitor going off elsewhere into the system.  I reattached
that blue wire.

I taped off the remaining speed wires.

I taped off and DID NOT connect the white wire to anything.

I inserted the power cutoff and heard the most beautiful hum in
the world.  The motor was whirring away.

My guess is that the blue wire coming off of the capacitor is acting
as the common - return for the motor. 

It has run fine since this afternoon.

I am really, really grateful y'all took the time to reply.

Thanks again.

- Bill

Well if both brown wires were the same then White is the same as purple. Glad to see you have it going.


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