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Cut Resistant Work Gloves

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Do you use them? Do you have a favorite brand?

Read 193 times and know reply.I use cheap jersey gloves to vacuum out dryers and wipe down the sides and stuff,but find it hard to use to hang a belt or even work with.Been looking at gloves but cannot seem to find one that fills normal.Trying to hang a belt on a G.E dryer with groves on i just can't do it.I am just use to it with my hands but with all those sharp edges in this things nowadays it would be nice.I don't even know how they throw a football with gloves on.

I bought some from Northern Safety. They are Ansell Hyflex.They are a thin stretchy knit with a rubber coating on the palms and fingers. I cut the fingertips off so I could get a better feel for the small screws we work with. I like them but I get lazy and don't always wear them. Still working on that.

for me gloves are ok for outdoor work but I don't wear them working on appl.

I have bought pairs of $30 work gloves before and they just aren't very comfortable.  When I was in at Harbor freight picking up some new clamps one day I saw these gloves.  Been using them ever since.  Not sure how cut resistant they are, but they are the best fitting gloves I have ever owned.  I work on entry doors a lot in the cold, and these allow me to pick up all of the little springs and screws just fine.  They aren't the warmest thing, but it beats nothings.  I use them to install new windows and remove old ones and have never gotten sliced with these on.  Worth the $9.


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