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Service manual for Samsung RS265TDWP/XAA

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Checked temperature sensor feedback for the fridge side and the voltage on the chart correlated to about 42 degrees.
The display on the front shows 34 to 35 degrees all the time even after cycling power. Could this possibly the main PCB.
The evaporator and condenser fans and the compressor all run okay in forced mode. The fans are all giving feedback according to my Fluke meter set on Hz.

I have exactly the same problem as described on the Samsung RS265 , freezer works fine, Frig is warm and fan does not rotate ( sounded like it was hitting ice for a few days)  This happened just before Christmas, and after leaving the fridge unplugged a day, it worked again for 5-6 weeks I have the same issue again.  What turned out to be your problem?


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