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My Kitchenaid side by side model #kssc42qts00 was beeping repeatedly and sounded like something was turning on and off.  This continued for a day or two before the fridge died.  The light comes on when I open the door.  If I push the start button on the panel at the top of the fridge, it beeps and sounds like it is starting up, but then immediately turns off.

I called a repairman who said the control board was burned.  I asked how he knew and he said there was a burn mark on the gemini control board (part # W10219463).  Afterwords I opened it up to see for myself, and I don't see any burn mark.  I didn't see him use a meter or any type of equipment to test any circuits, so I am wondering if he is just guessing.

Can I diagnose the board myself?

Thank you,

When I've seen that, it's always been the control board.  The board is no longer available, you will have to get it rebuilt.


Thanks for the responses. 

I will send the board out for repair. 

I can't figure out how to get the error codes on my model # kssc42qts00.  I just wanted to have some idea of the problem.  Any suggestions?


Just got my control board back from  I fedexed it to them on Monday and I got it back on Sat.

They repaired the power regulator circuit and replaced some other components.

I reinstalled the control board.  Turned on the fridge.  The lights come on.  The fan is running, but the compressor is not coming on.

Can somebody give some advice?

Thank you,


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