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help in identifying a model # for a Kenmore OTR microwave


We bought a condo with a Kenmore microwave oven installed over the counter top range.  The previous owner was a lady in her eighties.  She left us a photocopy of a manual, which has written on it model #72189941490 (in pencil).  When I look up that model # in, the microwave pictured in the manual there looks different.  The manual that we have appears to be the correct manual, but I suspect that the model # written on it is incorrect.  The front page of what we have says on the left "Sears Use & Care Manual Stock No. 85731".  However, that stock # does not lead me to a model number, in online searches.  I've posted three photos of the microwave at!i=2878752277&k=sSBk7qt
If anyone here knows a model # for this unit, I'd be very grateful.

The manual that we have tells where to find the model #.  That location is located next to the keypad & is completely worn off.

Even with the correct model #, parts may be hard to get.  We are considering buying a new OTR microwave, but it's discouraging to read people commenting about how soon they need repair work.  This old one, at the condo, still works.

You're right, that's not the correct model number.  If it's working, I wouldn't worry about it.  Some of the parts like door switches and the high voltage components can be replaced with generic.  If the panel or the control board goes out, you'll be shopping for a new one, anyway.

I was looking to replace the part that is like a false ceiling.  It slips in place and covers the fan that is mounted at the top of the oven cavity.  I think the role of that fan is to distribute the microwave heating more evenly.  That part is not in good shape & is one of the reasons that my wife doesn't want to use the microwave (but wants to replace the microwave, period).  If I can't get parts for the microwave, I lose the argument about whether or not to keep the microwave.  If I don't have the model #, then I've already lost the argument.

If it looks like the picture below, order 40QBP1012 or 40QBP1618 and cut it to fit.


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