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Drive Belt Falling off

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My Maytag (mah3000aww) has been quite noisy for awhile now.  The other day it stopped spinning all together.  I opened the back to find the Drive Belt had fallen off. I repleced the belt and it immediately fell off again.  I ordered a replacement thinking that maybe the belt was warped and a new one would solve my issues but no luck. The new one falls off almost immediately.

Do I need to do something to align it or do I have bigger issues?

Check the bolt that the big pulley on the back of the tub.
I have seen them come lose and then you get some play in the pulley.

The noise maybe coming from your tub bearings.
Give the tub a spin by hand as fast as you can. Does it sound noisy then?

You could also check the bolt that holds the motor in place.

Double-checked the bolts - no help.  It's not falling off because it's loose - it's falling off the drive pulley because it seems out of alignment.  As you turn the pulley, the drive belt moves further toward the inside and eventually slips right off.  Does that make sense?

Does the large pulley on the back of the tub have a lot of play in it when you wiggle it back and forth?

The only time I have seen belts come off of these is when the big pulley gets play in it from a loose bolt or from bad tub bearings.


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