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how to know if defrost timer broken or was stuck


Model Number: 117JERL17J311
Brand: GE
Age: More than 10 years

Hello All

The fridge just stopped and did not start. I tapped the start relay etc, no go. So I loosened the heat transfer coils on the rear and moved them back a bit and took out the white plastic cap and turned the defrost timer switch with a flat blade screw driver. On it came. So it will have to work hard to cool down, but it did start cooling. How do I know if I have to get a new defrost timer? DO I just hope that the next time it cycles it will just start after the off time? I am not sure if it is an 8 hour 30 minute off or a 12 hour 30 minute off. The other part is this fridge is not in my home, but in my deceased Mother's home whom some friends are house sitting at.
The defrost timer in the fridge appears to be only accessed by removing a panel on the rear outside wall under the heat transfer coils.   I am not sure if the timer will stick on and never defrost or  go to defrost and not restart.   How do I tell or do I just open it up and get the part Numbers and get a new defrost timer?
Any help appreciated. ron3033

Sounds like the defrost timer is bad. If in doubt, put it back into defrost and see if it will advance out after 30 minutes or so.  Your model doesn't look valid so I can't give you a part number.

Thank You tgoods

I will recheck the model number, I guess the old eyes are just not what they used to be.  I am in Canada, does that make a difference about the model?  Will Repost model when I get back to where the fridge is.
Thanks ron3033

I use the whirlpool 482493 on most of them. Just wire it according to instructions that come with it.

Thank you   I did take the access panel off the back of the fridge  timer was 32-718501.  I also advanced it to shut down, 35 minutes later fridge was back on running so I guess it is okay.  Not sure why it did not start that one time.  Oh yes I did post the model wrong, I had better eyes look and it is L17JSRLT5711.

thanks ron3033


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