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Tried something new, TV repair

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I came across a 42" TV for sale.  Seller said it didn't work and he wanted $200  ::)

  So I explained to him how the buyer would have to take a crap shoot and risk it not being fixable.

So I offered $40, a week later he took my offer.

   I take it apart and using info I found on a TV repair forum, I was able to source the problem to a $00.35 capacitor. 

  So now I am watching Monday night football on my new $40.35 42" 1080P HDTV.    I may have to look into fixing TVs as well.
Apparently on Westinghouse the 19v 470uf capacitors blow a lot and the fix is going to the Panasonic 25v 470uf capacitor.  Very easy soldering job.  I also found a company in Houston that sells the entire power supply board shipped for $20. 


I did the same with my brothers samsung TV power supply had a blown cap on it .35.. less then 2years old

Show some pix of the repairs I am interested

are these the caps:

yes those are the caps.  You ar looking for one that is obviously burnt or that is not within speck.   Depending on the model, you will have points where you check the voltage and if its low or non existent you trace it back to the corresponding cap and solder a new one in.  I was told to always replace with one of a slightly higher voltage  like replace the 19v with a 25v.  I will show pics.

Though you can get power supply boards for very cheap on ebay.


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