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Kitchenaid not cooling intermittently

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My Kitchen Aid KSRG25FVMT00 recently stopped cooling for long periods of time (upwards of 8+ hours). Freezer temps were getting into the 40s. Both the fridge and freezer were not cooling. But then after having the doors open for a few trying to figure out what's wrong it would start cooling perfectly. This happened several days in a row, but then it started working perfectly for a few days. Then 2 days of intermittent cooling and today we are ok?

Here are my observations:

- The main problem is that the fridge will go for hours without turning on the compressor. The freezer will rise up to 40 degrees, the fridge also starts to warm.

- If I mess with it enough I can get the compressor to turn on, the doors are open while I'm observing/tinkering.

- When the compress runs, it cools perfectly!

- When the compressor is on, the fan inside the the freezer DOES turn on. When I the compressor is running, I can feel air being pushed into the fridge section at the top.

- There is not a frost build up (I checked the coils).

- I witnessed the defrost system running and turning off in a timely manner. Makes me thing the defrost thermostat is fine (or at least it worked the time I watched it).

- The system always wants to make ice, I think this is interesting. If there is ice to be made, the compress runs!

- Most of the time the fridge works fine!

I can't narrow my decision on where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Sounds like thermostat is erratic may want to tap thermostat knob with a screw driver when it is off and see if it comes back on.Or jump it out to see if it runs ok.Over night you would have very cold both sides.


--- Quote from: dab147315 on October 28, 2013, 03:22:26 PM ---Sounds like thermostat is erratic
--- End quote ---

I just want to make sure I get the right part based on your suggestion, do you mean this?

The link you provided took me to a timer.

Nevermind, looks like you updated the link!
Thanks for helping!!

Yes that the thermostat for yours.May want to wait for it to stop and not cooling right and tap on it like i said.

Larry the applia:
remove cover that the thermostat is in generally if they are going bad there will be black dust under thermostat thet looks like graphite


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