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Samsung Side by Side - Water under crisper drawer


I have a Samsung RF265ABPN. Water is pooling under the crisper drawers but it's cooling well.

We took off the back panel and found the evaporator coil covered with ice. The fan was not running. We replaced the fan with a new one a few weeks ago. There was no water for a while but now the water is dripping again.

We took off the inside back panel again and found no ice on the coils this time. The drain did not appear to be clogged. The (new) fan does not appear to be working. It is getting voltage but it is very low.

Any thoughts? Could it be the mother board?

Water under the crispers is a sign of a clogged drain. Verify that the drain is clean by pouring water into it and making sure it goes into the pan by the compressor.
Very common in this fridge

Yup schleven your right pull the rear panel off and remove the duck bill that's where it's clogged


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