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Thermostat on back order for a month or more


Model: 10662852101
Have a customer with a bad cold control and it's on back order from the factory for a month...could be more.
The unit works but they have to tap the cold control a couple times a week to turn it back on.  Anyone have any luck taking these apart and cleaning the contacts?  Or does anyone know of a substitute for the cold control that I can put in?
Thank you again for any help!

You talking about thermostat part # 2200859?

I see and along with sears all have them on back order at this time, but I see some listed on ebay.

I have never tried cleaning the contacts on one. Let us know how it turns out.

If I don't have a control on the truck, I install an SC1002 as a temporary until I return.

Great idea...never knew they were out there O0 :thanks:

I use a 3030-505 constant differential control. In most cases it will fit as it is a universal one. This is an ambient controller so it cuts In and out
around 39 - 45 degrees so the fridg. will not work if it's in a cold the garage. The sensing line must be routed away from the freezer air. I have used one in the past
as a permanent replacement.


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