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Whirlpool refridgerator icemaker won't stop dispensing Mod#ED22PWXDW00


Things always seem to happen when you're rushing out the door or in the middle of a project.

My daughter yells this morning, "MOM, the icemaker won't stop!!" It wouldn't stop dispensing. I pulled out the ice tub and and motor kept turning. I checked the little dispenser door and it was fully closed. Tried opening and closing it a few times, but still wouldn't stop. Had to unplug the fridge to take my daughter to school.
Got home, plugged it back in and motor has stopped. Now, this is NOT the first time this has happened, but it is the longest it has stayed on. This is the first time I had to pull the plug.
It is a Whirlpool Mod#ED22PWXDW00. I know it's an old unit, but I would prefer to fix it than have to buy a new fridge. :tickedoff:

Sounds like the switch is sticking closed.... 8)

Is the switch located in the door? Is it something that can be cleaned? Is it reachable? I don't mind taking the whole darn thing apart.  ::)

Watch the video.

That was it! The microswitch. Replaced it an now all is well.
This site is AWESOME.


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