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Bosch HGS7282UC06 oven manual asap !!!


Now I'm the second company to go out here so after looking at this crap I replaced the igniter and display control board cause it was broken someone went in there with a screw driver and pryed and broke apart the setting knob assy so couldn't do anything I put that in and had to program the board with the oven which took me like 30 freaking minutes cause hell didnt come with instructions to do that after that I got it all to work but the convection fan wot come on but if I change the model program it works fine but then throws and error saying the unit is not programmed ???ok so program it with that model and still wont work wtf?? So I really need the manual for this cause now I ordered a main board hoping that will solve the issue can't see how since i know that fan works again any help would be great

Crazy ok no Manuel but thanks for trying .. Now I replaced control board and display board cause A&E went out there and tried prying the knob off with a screw driver and busted the board all up so after all installed and programming it everything seems to work but the convection fan dont kick on when its selected you wait for about 5mins when its up to the temp then it kicks on customer tells me it never did that before well does it now cause I tried all program models and that the only one that will work the whole oven so if anyone runs into this problem I assume its cause the board is for 14 models . Any thoughts ?

Thats normal. Most oven models with convection wait 5 to 10 mins before turning the fan on. I would tell the customer that the control has new programming for better convection heatkng .

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