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Maytag mzd2766ge Compressor Problems

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Hi there...

I have a refrigerator that has become a small hobby project to fix.  It was in a rental house and has been replaced.  Now I am trying to repair it as a spare.

So here is the deal:

Relay and overload were burned up on the compressor.  I replaced the relay and overload with new OEM parts.  It is wired correctly.  When plugged in the compressor will run for 15-30 seconds then the overload kicks  in and the compressor turns off.

Any advice on how to test the compressor?... or what I should test next would be greatly appreciated!

Take a hardstart kit wired to a 110v jumper cord & see if it runs.  If not compressor shot for sure.

Like a Supco RCO410?  And when you say jumper cord, you mean wire it directly to a wall cord and bypass the fridge wiring harness for the test?


You just put in O.EM relay and overload parts and the compressor does not start.You said you wired it right.You just tested the compressor.BAD COMPRESSOR.

dab147315 is correctYour compressor is bad.and Never use a Rco410 thats old school. All the new compressors are smaller horse power,it will only short to ground. You can try a rco810 or uro810 if it works It will be temporary. If your lucky 3-12 months.


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