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frigidaire front load washer


not sure of age but has some wear and tear, flashing e90 and beeping,e90 is not listed on tech sheet but 92 93 94 in order all say replace control board,i'm sure this is correct but the model# sticker is in the door , do to usage 2 digits or letters are gone,parts store needs full# to get board this is all I could read,started with gl then unreadable space then2940fs2 anyone know what board I need ,looked at board itself but didn't see a part# these people bought a tanning salon the washer and dryer came with it'no owner manual either any ideas? I'm sure same board fit in many model#s but don't want buy one till i'm sure,thanx!

That's an easy one its a GLTF2940FS2 I carry these on my van like pumps the control board is 134743500

excellent thank you,scary much!


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