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Maytag Gemini stand alone range, no knob will turn (crazy)

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I do not see a part number on it.  I just got this bad boy from the free section of Craigslist.  It is a very nice looking stove.  Just hooked it up to power in my shop.  (don't have gas connections) and the igniters come on and draw three amps on each oven.  The control board seems fine, even the oven itself is clean. 

  The issue is, not one knob on it turns.  Not even a little.

  I have never seen anything like that.  It's brass, so it shouldn't be rusted shut.
 (some grease and oxidation I'm sure, but totally seized?)  I'm guessing why this is why it was thrown out.  I was told the stove didn't come on, I didn't think the burners would be seized.


looks like this.  Just now in a google search I saw it is a recalled oven due to flashback fires any Maytag guys know about this??

--- Quote ---[/size][size=78%][/size]The recalled ranges have a model number of MGR6772 and a serial number with the alpha characters AJ through AX or CA through CC, both of which are located on a flip-up serial tag behind the upper left corner of the control panel.[size=78%][/size]
--- End quote ---
well that's why I can't find the model numbers, on a tag???
[/size] Crazy[size=78%]

[/size]     My only gripe about the oven is that the knobs are on the cook surface, not the front.[size=78%]

[/size]  I guess I will go with that MGR number to try and find the manual.  But four stuck valves.  Should I WD-40?[size=78%]
[/size](also got a Thor combo washer/dryer for free today, but I'll get to that later)[size=78%]

:lol:  I need to learn how to post on this forum, very different than what I am used to.

AJ how do I resize images and why do I have all of these "size" tags in my post????

image here, sorry can't figure how to resize.   

Repco replacement parts sells valve grease made for repacking BRASS valves, I would not try aluminum as all I have tried have seized within the year.

Not sure about all the "size" tags.

Sometimes I notice odd things similar to that happening if you copy text from something else and past it into your post instead of just typing on the text.

As for resizing images...
You will have to resize the image on your computer before you upload them.


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