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Author Topic: New Amana ASD2575SBRS01 s by s forms large ice chunk leaks water down ice chute  (Read 1571 times)

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I purchased an Amana  ASD2575SBRS01 side by side in July.  It's located in our cabin so not used frequently.  When we arrived at the house this week there was water dripping down the ice chute and a large hunk of ice had formed on the door above the ice chute in front of the actual ice maker.  I removed the large build up of ice on the door.  Water continued to slowly drip down the push lever on the door panel over the course of several days.  It appears that water was sloshing around in the freezer door in the space above the dispenser area mechanisms and below the box inside the freezer door that houses the ice chute from the ice maker.  Could there be something wrong with the water connection in the door, could it be the ice maker is not working correctly or what?  Having a repair man come out is our last option due to the travel distance even though the fridge is brand new and under warranty.

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could be a leaky water fill valve supplying water to the ice maker,if it's not seating properly the icemaker could be overflowing,this could happen slow enough to cause that type of problem,check for dripping water from the spout into your icemaker if it,s dripping replace the valve,the water supply line attaches to this valve.


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