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Runs, drains but no pressure


I have a Maytag MDB9150 and it recently started giving me problems. It fills, but then when it starts into its cleaning cycle it slowly looses pressure and then just sits there with the motor running but it doesn't circulate water. It will then run the rest of the cycle not circulating water. At the end of the cycle it will drain and then repeat, same as above until it gets to the end of the whole wash cycle then shuts off and goes into the drying cycle and powers down. Does anyone have any ideas as to what this could be. Thanks in advance.

Sounds like a plugged filter. The center of the lower wash arm will unscrew the lift the wash arm off. You will need a torq (star tip) screwdriver to remove the screws holding the pump cover on,once removed you can see the plugged filter. Clean and reinstall should be good to go.

If the dishwasher starts out with strong pressure and then loses it another possibility is not enough water in the tub which could be a clogged fill valve.

I believe the correct amount of water in that tub would be up to the heating element.

Thanks for the replies, I really appreciate the help. Turns out it was a plugged filter. After 11 years its the first time I've had to clean it. I've cleaned every thing above it(wands, arms, etc.) but never had the filter plug. The culprit was some homemade salsa and the tomato skins doomed the self cleaning filter. Should have pre-rinsed, lazy and dumb aren't a good combination, lol. Back up and operational now. Many thanks again as I do love this dishwasher and don't need a different one as long as I can keep this one running.


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