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The belt on my dryer snapped , so I replaced it ,,,4 loads later it snapped again. Could there be something causing this to happen?

Model PYG2300AWW

Make sure the drum will spin by hand without requiring much force.  Ensure the idler roller spins freely and that it does not wobble on the shaft.  When you replace the new belt, run it for a few moments then look at it's routing around the idler and motor shaft to make sure it didn't slip off because they will usually still work, but then will break after a few loads.  Any of those could cause a second belt failure.  Let us know how the second belt replacement works out.

Your dryer has glides on the front of it. I would be willing to bet the glides are bad. Reach inside and turn the drum, It should turn just effortlessly. If it is any way under the sun hard to turn then you have problems. No amount of belts will ever solve the problem.

One further note regarding odd belt breakage on this model....if your vent is restricted and the dryer has been cycling on hi-limit for awhile, the belt is being subjected to a concentration of high heat along the top of the drum. As you know the heater is just under the main top in the left corner. All residual heat is trapped under the main top after the dryer has shut off. So is the top edge of the drive belt, wherever the drum has stopped. If your dryer symptoms are accompanied by a very hot main top during operation, your exhaust may be a factor. FYI, Maytag does not allow foil duct on their products, as noted on the sticker on back of the dryer.

Well, so far so good with second belt install.
Thanks for all of the suggestions, I checked each one and everything seems in order.
However, only on load 4 so who knows :-\.
One thing I have learned from my experiences with this washer and dryer is that I will never by another Maytag.  :tickedoff:


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