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LG LDF6920ST Error Code LE


Hello I have an LG LDF6920ST dishwasher S/N: 007KWKS01405

It just starting getting an LE error code flashing a few minutes into a cycle.  When it errors there is water in the bottom of the dishwasher.  When I try and run a cycle again the water will drain out fine and appears to refill but then there is a clicking sound like the motor is trying to run and nothing happens then the errors is thrown after a few attempts.

Can anyone offer suggestions on repair?

Sounds as if the motor shaft is bound. :embarassed:

How can I go about fixing this?

Also there is a motor noise so I do hear it running then a switch click and the error code is thrown.

Sorry for the multiple posts but want to make sure it is described properly. 

I tried a cycle again this morning and listened carefully next to the door.  The motor tries to run once the water is pumped in and then a click and a small thump noise and does this a half dozen times or so and then the error.


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