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Screwpop Keychain Magnetic Screwdriver Review

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I would like to thank Brett from for sending us a couple of their new Screwpop magnetic keychain screwdrivers to review.

The Screwpop is a lightweight, compact driver with a magnetic shaft that works with any standard 1/4 inch hex drive bit.

The newest version of the Screwpop has a black painted coating on it and includes a custom Phillips/Flathead bit that fits into the magnetic shaft.

The black painted coating has a nice feel to it and seems to be very durable.

I found the Screwpop screwdriver fits very comfortably in my hand which makes it a pleasure to use.

The circular shaped handle on the Screwpop not only makes it very comfortable to hold in your hand when using it, but it's also makes it very handy to clip onto a carabiner. I clipped mine onto the carabiner that I carry with me daily so it will always be handy when I want to use it.

In using the custom Phillips/Flathead that comes with the Screwpop I found that the phillips bit fits most phillips screws extremely well.

Even though the Screwpop comes with a great custom dual tip Phillips/Flathead bit you can use it with any standard 1/4" hex bit!
Being able to use so many different bits with it lets you customize the Screwpop into many different configurations.

My favorite and most used bit is this #2 phillips bit and it fits my Screwpop just perfectly!

When the bit it removed from the Screwpop it can be used as a standard 1/4 inch nut drive, but what if you want to use it as another size nut drive. Say for example a 5/16" nut drive. No problem, just slip in what ever size 1/4 inch hex drive nut driver bit you want to use with it as shown in the photo below.

I have only had my Screwpop for about a week, but the longer I have it the more uses I seem to find for this incredibly handy little tool.

Some of the uses I'm sure it was not designed for and it may not be the best or safest tool to use for some such uses, but it's one of them tools that is there at the time and handy to use so it gets used. For example, I have found it handy to use the flat blade tip on it to pry open can lids.

Well putting this review together and trying to remember all the things I have used the Screwpop for in the last week I almost forgot about one other thing the Screwpop is capable of doing, opening beer bottles!

Well researching the Screwpop I read a few negative comments online that I would like to address.
One of the comments said, "magnet bit would be better".

I'm thinking this comment was directed towards the first version of the Screwpop (chrome colored) because the new black version I received has a very strong magnet in it.

In fact I did some testing to see just how much I could pick up with it. Using the Screwpop with the custom Phillips/Flathead bit that come with it I was able to pick up this Channellock 804N Adjustable Wrench that weighs 1.7 ounces!

Another comment I read said, "The third time leaving the house with this on my keyring, the bit was lost somewhere".

I will say that the custom Phillips/Flathead bit that comes with the Screwpop does not seem to get held in place as well as my standard bits with the flat bottoms on them. This makes sense because there is just not as much bit surface coming in contact with the magnet that is inside the shaft of the Screwpop.

In any case there seems to be more then enough magnetic strength to keep from losing any bit you choose to use in the Screwpop.

Over all I'm extremely happy with my Screwpop and can't think of a thing I would change with it.

At the beginning of this review I mentioned that Brett sent us two Screwpops! One of them has a new home on my carabiner, but the other one we are going to giveaway to one of our lucky members.

Just post a reply here as to why you want a Screwpop and I will pick a winner at random in a few days.

Looks like a great addition to my key ring. I would always have a screwdriver with me. I sure would like that.  O0

I think it would be handy to have when I don't have my tools nearby.

That is a nice compact design.  It looks like you can actually deliver some torque with that!

OK Draw my name after entering me.   Patricio


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