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Whirlpool dryer GEW9250PL1 needs service manual


I have customer call for service on this model GEW9250PL1. I need the service manual in order to look up the error code for meaning of E1, E2, and E3. I have downloaded parts list & owner manual from whirlpool but it is no help for that. I have taken the PCB control main board away to my home, and also one thermal senor.
I need service manual to confirm what actual problem is for this dryer, before ordering parts and tell my customer how much to fix it.

Thank you


From the tech sheet...

E1 flashes if the thermistor is open. See TEST #3a, page 4.

E2 flashes if the thermistor has shorted. See TEST #3a, page 4.

E3 flashes when there is a keyswitch or software mismatch. This error code will ONLY appear when in the diagnostic test mode. See TEST #5, page 6.

I have attached a copy of the tech sheet for your viewing pleasure.

Thank your help, it is the right data for my GEW9250PL1, I have GEW9250PW1 service manual just downloaded from a paid website at $9.95.  Thank your help to give me data sheets.
Thank you again. I am TV repair guy originally, but Flat panel TVs is not good for making revenue because it is high integrated circuit boards which is difficult to change individual small parts, so that at 80% repair job need to change the whole circuit board to finish repair, but this is still high risk job, because finally after the TV repair to have picture, the screen is defect and can not display normal good picture. The whole investment become zero, so that find another aux job for basic income and then work on it and waiting for better tools to be invented to help repair flat panel repair jobs.
This moved me to work on appliance repair job. I am repairing TVs, appliance, computers. This customer gives me call to visit their home for repair this dryer. Thank your information that helps me proceed to this repair job.
If I can smoothly finish the job and got paid, may I offer you small money as friendly gift and make you continue working hard on the website to help similar person. Helping other is a good will & hope to the earth & people.  Please tell me link. I will pay you small money as gift. This is similar to another useful website that gives me TV service manual.  I don't want to free take things. Please understand me. Thank you.


Donations can always be made at this URL.

Would be great if you would share your service manual you got with us so I could add it to our google drive.

Our google drive is free for everyone to use and includes over 1,000 service manuals thanks in part to our members sharing them with us.

For future reference...


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