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ge front load dryer - beeps does not start


GE Front load dryer   just over year old.  moved from one house to another.
stopped working, DPH880EJMG     checked door switch - good,  checked 2 rear fuses.
temperature, and moisture reading good.  exhaust ok.
error code 12  c switch,  so replaced motor
LG DPH24401  same as prior,   
Old motor c switch check bad   would not come off start windings.
reassembled - still same issues,
press start will not start - just 2 beeps.

Check belt switch

That sounds like a ground wire or wire somewhere is not making a good connection , I will tell you this I have run across the same problem and had to replace the main board but I have also used electronic cleaner and sprayed that on all the connections and that worked .. And I can't even find a break down or that model are sure that number is right ?? I also check all thermostats and fuses also check the vent thermistor that will give you the same problem your having


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