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Maytag MDG5500AWW - No Heat, No Diag Codes, new to appliance repair


Our dryer is running and turning but is not heating at all. I took off the front panel to see the gas valve and all the parts within and nothing seems to be happening when the dryer is ran on timed or sensor dry. I already checked for diagnostic codes and there are none.

I'm very new to repairing appliances so any tips or help would be appreciated. How can I get the dryer disconnected from the gas line?

Thank you,

No need to move it. From the front ,unplug and leave gas on. With a meter try the basics,check for continuity on the glow coil for starts. Flame sensor and coils. Those are the more common fail problems.

If nothing is happening except the drum turning. No glowing of the glow bar. No clicking of the coils. I would test the white thermal fuse on the blower housing for continuity. The drum will still turn on a gas dryer with a blown thermal fuse.


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