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Can't unscrew center wash tower to remove lower wash arm assembly

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On a Maytag DWU9200 dishwasher the repair manual says to unscrew the center wash tower (the spray tower lower extension nozzle) but it just spins rather than unscrewing. Holding the lower spray arm doesn't help- the two parts just turn on one another.

How do you hold the piece on which the center wash tower is attached so as to unscrew and remove the wash tower so as to get access to the filters, etc. below the arm assembly?

It may just be old and stuck due to old age but I don't want to break the parts by forcing them.

picture? Does it have the tower on the pump or rack? On the rack the disc ( best I can describe it) should just unscrew from the top of the pump. I have never seen one break below.

Which part are you trying to unscrew?

It is Part #27 on this drawing

I am actually trying to get access to the parts inside the strainer.

To do so I need to remove parts #1 (the lower power tower pop up nozzle), part #27 (the lower extension nozzle) , part 2 (the lower spray arm that is a tight fit on part 27), and the strainer cover #4 so I can get access to the parts inside.

Part 27 won't twist off but just spins along with the spray arm. If I hold the spray arm it still won't twist off. I tried turning it both clockwise and counterclockwise but everything just twirls without unscrewing. It seems like there should be some way to hold the inside shaft from spinning so that you can unscrew and remove the extension tube.

On other model machines there is a center plastic nut you can turn to remove the wash arm but not on this one.

I pulled the Torx screws holding the strainer cover in place but it wouldn't lift off because of the other pieces above it.

Should I just force the lower spray arm up and off? Would that give me access to the filter and the other parts or would it just break things?

I think I have a partially clogged filter or broken impeller because the upper and lower spray arms just drip water but don't seem to have enough flow and pressure to spin most of the time.


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