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lg dryer -- model DLG7188WM doesn't change modes


re: lg dryer -- model  DLG7188WM

was not heating up so we took the machine apart and vacuumed lots of lint.
then we left the duct off and the machine was fine with one exception.

the control panel does not change from normal and several of the buttons are inoperative.
it was like that for a long time.
am i right that the control board is shot.
if so how do i get the front knob off.
is there a screw under the metal insert on the knob.

works fine on normal and counts down and shuts off.
no other choices on the machine are available.

Sounds like a bad display board.  You'll have to remove the entire control panel and then remove the display panel on the back side.  The knob will pull out when the display panel is removed.

Thanks for the response.
Is the display board different from the pcb control board.
Do you know the part number.
Thanks again

also, we tried pulling the knob off from the front and it didn't move.
how do i remove it.
i don't get that it come off when we remove the board if we could not pull  it off from the front.

display has to be removed to pull off knob. some are tough... ;D >:(


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