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LG Electric Dryer dle5977w No heat


I have an LG DLE5977W electric dryer.

It runs fine but doesn't heat up. When running, the "Dry" light flashes and the "Cooling" light stays lit.

I have tested the following components:
Thermal Fuse: 0/.1 ohm
High limit thermostat: 0/.1 ohm
Themostat (blower unit): 0 ohm
Thermistor (blower unit): 12k ohms (when not running)
Heating Element: Red/Blue: 19.9 ohms; Red/Yellow: 19.9 ohms; Blue/Yellow: 40.0 ohms

I replaced the thermistor since it wasn't always giving me a consistent reading, but that didn't fix it.

I'm getting 110vac on each leg and off the motor assembly, and I know the 220 outlet is good.

In diagnostic mode, I get the following code: 18:F0 / U01.

I replaced the Main Control Board, figuring it was the only thing left. But that didn't work either.

Any other ideas?! Thanks...

<<<In diagnostic mode, I get the following code: 18:F0 / U01.>>>


Software ID number---not important.

I would check the voltage at the Terminal Block (220v at both sides)

Check for burned wiring at the Terminal Block.

Unplug dryer.

By-pass the Thermal Limiter AND the Hi Limit Thermostat---plug in and test-run the dryer.
If heater works---replace both (6931EL3003D) and (6931EL3001F)

Re-Verify that the Motor Centrifugal Switch is indeed "good"...

Unplug dryer.

Pull plug off motor

On the *belt & pulley* side of the motor---there's a *black ring* on the motor shaft.
This ring slides inward when the motor reaches speed.
Using your finger---slide the ring towards the blower-slide of motor and hold it there.
Measure continuity at the Motor plug connector on the side of the motor (centrifugal switch)--check for continuity on the farthest-to-the-left pin and the farthest-to-right pin (none of the other motor connector pins matter for this test). It should show continuity---if not---replace Motor.

I checked for 220v and that is OK.

How do I By-pass the Thermal Limiter AND the Hi Limit Thermostat?

I will check the motor today.

I just checked the motor and do not have continuity on the left and right lugs when sliding the ring over.  I will replace the motor.


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