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Channellock 804 & 804N Adjustable Wrench


I love small adjustable wrenches and have started a bit of a collection over the years.

Here are two I just added to my small collection.

Thought it would be neat to get some kind of display case to put all of them in someday.
That or a nice board with hooks on it to hang them all from.

Expensive little suckers, funny how the little ones can cost as much as the 6 & 8 inch ones at time, lol...

how about this I use it a lot.

Monkey Wrench or Mikey's Wrench


--- Quote from: theoldstoveguy on September 23, 2013, 07:11:45 PM ---how about this I use it a lot.

--- End quote ---


Does it have anything stamped on?
How much you want for it? ;)

Sorry it was my Grandfathers and will never part with it, Just like my 42" crescent wrench (adjustable wrench) that I never use. But it was his and he wanted me to have all his tools. It is from the 1940's right after the war at least that's what I was told by him.


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