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Author Topic: Pvc dryer vent  (Read 5221 times)

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Re: Pvc dryer vent
« Reply #10 on: September 18, 2013, 10:05:39 PM »

The warranty isn't void. The tech just didn't want to do the work. We have guys on our crew that do that all the time. Then I get sent out to fix the dryer and tell the costumer that they can't use it until a proper vent is installed. The manufacturer is not responsible for vents and power cords. And is not responsible if a dryer catches fire from using an improper vent. If the plastic vent was the cause of the element failure, then the warranty is void for that particular failure.

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Re: Pvc dryer vent
« Reply #11 on: September 25, 2013, 08:02:40 AM »
I just did a call last week on a rental property. The dryer had 4 inch PVC duct into a 3 inch abs pipe (made for toilet drain) . I hooked up a new metal duct and left it disconnected. Told the landlord he will have to change it . I would have but it was inside a finished wall and through a couple units. My drywall skills are VERY limited (i can make holes but can't fix 'em lol)

When I worked for GE (CAMCO in Canada) in the '90's they had a problem with paint peeling inside the dryer drum. It was warranty for 1 year. If the paint peeled after 1 year it was covered if they used the correct vent. If it was plastic vent it was not covered.

Now I believe the building code does not allow for PVC duct even for room exhaust (don't quote me on that). Too much of a fire hazard.


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