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I got a call that warranty was Voided  because they had a PVC dryer vent. The complaint was no heat. The element was burned out. The warranty guy said they voided it because it was vented into PVC pipe. I did notice it was 3in pipe. I told them it needed to be 4in pipe. so was the warranty void it because it was 3 inch pipe  not 4 inch or because it was PVC pipe and not regular dryer venting pipe? Or maybe the guy is just full of it and didn't want to do the job?

Guess that's one way to get out of doing a warranty call, lol...

I don't do warranty work myself...

What does the warranty say, not the Tech?

Here is a copy of the Whirlpool dryer warranty.

When we did Maytag warranty the same applied, specified right on the dryer where it hooked up. Never saw where it was justified to void the warranty, I think it was fear of a fire lawsuit more than anything.


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