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Fisher&Paykel makes a very good product when used as designed.  I highly recommend their laundry products for those that want a high efficiency, large capacity product at a reasonable cost.  Their dishdrawer dishwasher has had some issues, but the latest model works quite well.  As for the screwdriver, most the the dishdrawer doesn't even require one to service it.  Parts are obtained from an approved vendor or F&P itself. 

I have been servicing this line for several years now.  If that was all I worked on, frankly I would have little to do.



I have never heard of this brand yet. What do they make? Happy new year to everybody. :) :D :)

Here is there site.

I've been trying to find more information about this brand too because I'm thinking of purchasing one.  My sister in law has it and she has never had any problem with the brand so far. 


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