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Who can tell me anything about this brand.  Local appliance guy tells me that as far as repair ease and a workhorse of a machine that this is it.  Tells me his techs buy these when they have their choice. Touting these above a duet?  Adivce needed.

Can't say I know anything about them myself, sorry.
Maybe Pegi or one of the other members can tell us what they know about them.

Never seen any of these yet, we do advise to buy the Duets as it what we know and like, are about like the LG but duets easier to work on a tad....I would imagine it would depend on what you know about and work on and what you can get parts for easily, can get WP parts anywhere, gotta get FP parts from FP...however I do understand you only need a screw driver to work on the fp stuff, so just what we have knowledge of seems to be what we recommend...human nature....


--- Quote ---I do understand you only need a screw driver to work on the fp stuff
--- End quote ---

That is what I have heard too. Anyone else have some info on Fisher & Paykel?
I maybe taking on the Fisher & Paykel line after the first of the year.

Just called Fisher&Paykel Customer Service (1-888-936-7872).  You have to be one
of thier Authorized Servicers for parts, manuals, etc.  >:(   
So, of course, I won't be buying thier appliances ! ! ! !   
If I spend $900.00 for a dishwasher ( ??? won't be happening), I want parts and service
ASAP ! ! ! !
                                           Just so we all know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 


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