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KUDI02IRWH2 Tech Sheet


Tech sheet #W10082651

I got a free dishwasher off of Craigslist and it didn't come with one.  I'd like to have one on hand just in case.  This is the model with the newer style control board with a TCO.   

I should have taken a picture of the sump.  It was chock full of toothpicks, cherry pits, coffee beans and caked on soap.  Cleaned it out, ran some vinegar thru it and now it looks good.  They had $ears come out and told them it needed $540 in parts so they went to Lowes and bought an LG.  I'm definitely going to check the Free section on Craigslist more often.



What a great deal...

When I search Whirlpools site for a tech sheet using the model number you posted it list tech sheet, #8572216.

I have attached a copy of it.

Here is the W10082651 tech sheet too.

Maybe they are one in the same? It's past my bed time. ;)

Wow. They look identical. :P

Thanks a ton!

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The W10082651 includes tech info on the Flow Meter (if so equipped).  I dont think I've seen one of these with a flow meter....


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