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Viking Service Manuals and other information


Just added some Viking service info to our google drive that one of our members shared with us tonight.

Once I get some time I will sort it out a move the service manuals into our regular Refrigerator, Range, Dishwasher, etc... google drive folders, but until then here it is.

Is this the link I posted working for anyone?

I know it was working when I posted it, but today it shows a blank folder unless I'm signed into my google account.

I have it checked as a public folder open to anyone so you should not have to sign into anything to see what's in the folder, not sure if google is having trouble today or what.

Some feedback as to how the link is working would be great, thanks!

When I click on an item says empty folder.

Strange, think google must be having some trouble with google drive or something.

I just moved then to another folder and updated the link.

Same thing happens....

All the old service manuals seem fine yet at
Just can't seem to get anything I uploaded recently in the last couple days to work so the public can view them.

Guess I will just give it some time and see what happens...

Seems to be working now for what ever reason...

Working for anyone else?


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