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Maytag Bravos dryer time dry setting defaults at 1 hour & can't change


Hello everyone, I have a Maytag Bravos electronic quiet series 300 electric dryer model no. MEDB2300VQ0 & s/n. M04835162.  The time dry setting defaults at 1:00 hour and will not change with the time up or time down button.  The owners manual says it should default at 40 minutes.  When I try to change it I get 3 beeps that mean it is a unavailable option or not accepted.  all the other cycles work fine.  I looked thru all your service manuals but could not find this model.  If anyone has the service manual or knows what could be wrong, please let me know.  Since the time plus & minus buttons beep I'm thinking the touch panel is OK.  Could it be in the electronic control board?  The electronic control board is part no. W10111621 @ $147.00.  that's a lot of money for just being able to adjust the time dry setting.  Thanks for your input! Tom

Wow just had that same problem .so your right touch input is fine but the main board wont process the input I changed out the board and it worked for like 2 weeks then went right back doing the same problem gonna try another board see if my first one was a defect

Thanks Cananot,  Please let me know if the new board works.  I'll then let my customer know what she will need and see if she wants to spend the money for a new electronic control board.  I hope this works for you.


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