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Whirlpool Refrigerator not making Ice



Model Number: ED5VBEXTS00 , the ice maker in this unit stopped making ice for the customer so while I started looking the thing over, I noticed the ejector arm was not in it's normal home position of 2 o'clock (when looking at the IM from the front) so thinking the unit stopped mid cycle, I reached in to see if the arm would move only to find it was loose indicating a broken module. The ice makers found in many Whirlpool manufactured products utilize a control module mounted to the front of ice maker which controls most functions of the ice making process by rotating a drive gear which makes and breaks electrical contacts. These contacts act like switches turning the different components on and off during a harvest cycle. One this particular unit, the gear had broken off so it was no longer going to do anything. Replace the module with a new one (three screws) and the customer was back in business.



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