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Fluke 8845A-EFPT Extended Fine Point Tip Adapter Set

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Received a set of these today, ordered them through Amazon.
Need to find a little case to keep them in as the points are very sharp!

They snap over the tips of my Fluke probes very nicely.

Anyone else have a set of these? If so how do you like them.

I use these and really like them.

I have a set of them too, or use to have a complete set...
Lost the little ones that I used all the time out of them so I was searching Amazon and run across the Fluke ones.

Seen the Fluke ones before, but never pulled the trigger on them. Being a bit cheaper then another set of the RadioShack ones I decided to give them a try.

btw: I also like the RadioShack ones.

I have a fieldpiece.  I want to get clips for it that just plug on, like the basic tips do.  I haven't looked for them yet.

I have radio shack leads, but the clips screw onto the threaded tips.  I'd rather just swap tips for the fieldpiece leads.

I also just got the same Extended Fine Point Probe and a case for my Fluke 117 meter.


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