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interior light does not work

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Good morning,
I write from Italy as a result of a problem with my no-frost refrigerator (INDESIT BAN 34 NFP), I hope that in this forum, some of you can help me solve.
The problem is the inner light that no longer works, in fact a few days ago I was doing the cleaning in the fridge and I disassembled the column that contains the lamp holder when I'm done cleaning and I reconnected the plug that connects the lamp, I accidentally touched a contact, and I took the "shock". At that point I disconnected the plug from the mains and I reassembled everything, but strangely the two bulbs were burned and when I tried to replace them with new, did not work.
I then checked with the tester and instead of having 220V (voltage in Italy) have a value of 110V, for this reason do not light bulbs.
What could have happened? My refrigerator is operated from the motherboard and after a check there are no signs of burning, I thought it may have blown a TRIAC or a resistor or the relay (NAIS).
How can I tell what electronic component manages the output voltage that powers the light bulbs?
I hope someone can help me. thanks

Do you have a schematic you can post?  I only see one relay so I assume it controls the compressor and defrost heater. Most of the triacs that I've seen fail don't show any visible signs of damage. If you can figure out the incoming and outgoing voltage to the light on the control board, check the voltage.  If you get 220vac with the door open, the triac is bad. 

I dont know about this particular fridge, but some of the whirlpool fridges have light voltage coming from PCB. open the pcb and make it printed side up. trace the wiring which is going to light bulb and look for a burnt strip on pcb. You may be visually identify burnt strip too with a magnifying glass. attach a jumper across to join both end of strip in burnt area. Hope this will help. Good luck

at location j0002  wire4 grey  wire6 blue  trace it to the triac or check voltage there ? if you have a photo of the traces .. we can locate the triac.

Good evening,

happy to tell you that I solved the problem, it was only a 27 ohm resistor burned. I had checked the PCB several times, but I did not realize that this resistance had a burn mark, too small to see. is the resistance placed in front the connector that goes to the jack, has functioned as a kind of fuse but in this case, instead of interrupting the circuit, did reach the bulb holder, a voltage of 110V. I replaced the resistance is everything works fine. When you succeed with small solutions and with the do-it-yourself, everything is much more beautiful and cheap but unfortunately you can not always do. But thank you to you for your valuable help.


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