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Lg ldf 6920 he error

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have a lg ldf 6920  flashes HE on the display ane stops running during the final rinse cycle


1. unplugged the dishwasher from the wall  ( hard reset)
2. Run hot water at the sink faucet  (too make sure Hot water enters the dishwasher)
3. If HE error returns
    a. Check for Broken/loose wire from control. (in the door panel)
    b. Ohm the Heater element. (check for open heater)
    c. Ohm the thermistor (check for out of range reading)

If everything checks out up above, replace the control board.  There is a program defect and the only way to resolve it is to replace the control board.

Checked for broken wires found none
ohm heater element and thermistor both fine
replaced control board

still same problem any other sugestions

<<<Checked for broken wires found none>>>


The LDF6920 model dishwashers do *not* have the sticky/tarlike insulation material.


<<<ohm heater element and thermistor both fine
replaced control board>>>


Verify that the correct MAIN BOARD has been installed.

Original: 6871DD1006P

Revised: 6871DD1006R


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