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LG Fridge LMX28994ST/00


Can some one help me with seal system flow diagram or explain what is the purpose of 3 way valve in system. thanks

Where is this 3 way valve located?

Just took a quick look at the service manual and did not see a 3 way valve.

Is this the model with auto open and close freezer drawers? If so I do not believe it is dual evap...first 3 of serial number?

thanks a lot for your time. yes it is with the auto drawer and the serial no. is 102KRWZOA137 another one with serial no. 204KRDJ1Q770
Both compressors were showing 5 pulses (locked rotor on linear compressor) and I replaced one compressor to start with. Its not equalizing for quite sometime, indicating block. Also while I was charging the condenser started vibrating and noisy. (to me it indicates very High pressure on discharge). Suggestions please?

The three way valve is actually located near condenser and compressor area. it is not shown or mentioned anywhere in manual but if you look at the circuit diagram you can see written "3WAY VALVE" and I matched the color code of wires physically with diagram. so no doubt about that it has one. also there is a damper so ruling out the possibility of two evaporators.


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