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Kenmore 106.56172500 ice maker problem

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Initial issue is a lot of water frozen under and around the ice maker. Used a hair dryer to melt the ice so I could get the unit out of the fridge.  Once I did, I melted all the ice and reinstalled.  Now it is no longer moving or making ice.  Before I took it out, it would make ice all day long but water was going all over the freezer. Not sure how to get it to work again as I've already tried unplugging freezer twice and plugging it back in.

Other issue (and I'm not sure if it is related or not) is the last time I changed the filter two months ago, water came pouring out of the filter housing.  It never did that before.

Any help you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated.

You might have a leaky icemaker watervalve that caused the tube that fills the icemaker to freeze solid. Check it. If its frozen, thaw it out and replace the watervalve.

I unfroze everything and after a few days it started making ice again.  Once it did, I listened to the water filling up and it really sounds like it is letting water run into the freezer for much longer than it used to be.  Same problem again - massive ice build up all over again.  Is this the water valve? And would anyone know the part number for it?


could be the water valve.  Or it could be the icemaker telling the water valve to over fill.  I would guess the water valve.  You might take the icemaker out and see if its nasty inside.  the coating tends to wear off.  I would replace both.

Water valve is part number W10408180
Icemaker is part number W10190961

Ok.  Replaced the water valve three weeks ago.  Took this long for it to finally make ice again.  And we've made no progress.  Still icicles all over the place.  Is a new icemaker the only thing left to do?


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