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Frigidaire refrig FSC23R5DSB8


Anyone have the service manual for this model? It claims to be manufactured 04-06. The service manuals I've looked at so far seem to skip this year and also show a 115V evap fan motor whereas this unit has a 12VDC evap fan motor, 241509402 with four wires. This unit also does not have a separate ADC in the FF compartment, it is on the motherboard. The fridge is not cooling, compressor not running, condenser fan not running, evap fan not running and the display shows "E" in the freezer display with "F" in the FF display which I assume means it failed a self-test at power up for the evap fan motor. I have verified 12VDC at the motor but there are two other connections to the motor and no info as to what should be present at those connections. Also, none of the manuals around that year have any information on testing the evap fan motor. I'd hate to order a motor and find out the problem is elsewhere. While the "E" and "F" in the display would lead one to think the evap fan motor has failed I'd like to be more certain that is the case. The evap motor is free to turn by the way, so its bearings are fine. Another thing I noticed on power up was the FF compartment light blinking for awhile and then turning off. Nothing in any of the manuals says anything about that. The wiring diagram for this unit is 5995465589.

Any help would be appreciated.


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