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Maytag Refrigerator/Freezer Not Making Ice

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I have a Maytag S.S. Refrigerator/Freezer - Model #MCD2257KES that is working perfectly except for the ice maker. Water gets to the door for dispensing water. I've already replaced the icemaker with NEW one, replaced the dual water valve solenoid with NEW and replaced the water filter with NEW. The refrigerator is cooling properly the Freezer is Freezing properly but no ice. Can't figure out whats going on. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried inserting a jumper wire into T and H on the ice maker? Do you have voltage at L and N? If the ice maker cycles, do you get voltage at N and V when the ice maker should be filling?

possible frozen inlet tube or water tank in refer side

UPDATE:  Icemaker on Maytag Side By Side Problem Fixed - Factory PIN OUT WIRING WRONG!!!

Just wanted to give you a heads up. After my Buddy literally tried 7 Brand New Icemakers before calling me I finally found out why the Ice Maker was not making ice. Every New Icemaker that he tried and replaced was not getting power to the New Ice Maker Unit - I tried jumping it - tried to OHM it out etc...

The problem was the Wiring Harness going from the New Ice Maker to the Back Wall Molex connector. The Wiring Pin Out was incorrect from the factory Ice Maker Wiring Harness. The RED Wire WAS NOT wired to the RED Wire to the Molex Connector on the back wall along with the White Wire, Ground Green Wire etc... -- Had to remove all the wires from the back of the ice Maker Wiring Harness and totally rewire the Harness to Match the wiring coming from the back Molex Connector from the machine. After rewire the Ice Maker is KICKING OUT SOME ICE!!!

FYI - Don't assume the Wiring harness is suppose to Match up to your Machine. Check to make sure you match up the Male Molex connector Colors to the Female Molex Connector from the back of the Refrigerator because in my case it DID NOT!!!

Check whether the condenser coils are clean. If they are dirty , then they won't be able to dissipate heat effectively and they may reduce the cooling capacity of the freezer.


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