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Kenmore washer 400

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Had this about 2 years. Just the other day it quit spinning.  It will spin if no clothes are in there...but will not spin with clothes.  Any ideas?

Please post the full model number that is on the model/serial number tag that is located on the washer, thanks.



--- Quote from: avolinda on September 02, 2013, 07:16:08 AM ---CO3523221

--- End quote ---

This is a model from the U.S. or some other country?
I ask because that does not look like a Sears/Kenmore model number to me and when I enter that number in the Sears Parts Direct site it not found.

Sears model number start with three digits, then a dot followed by eight more digits.
For example: 123.12345678

I am looking on the lid and by serial # it does say C03523221.  There is a number to left of it that is 111-07.  Does that help any? 


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