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LG LFC21776ST / 00 Compressor wont start

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Hi guys,

I have a LG model LFC21776ST / 00

It was in a few inches of water in Sandy, my neighbor threw it out it was less than a year old so I grabbed it.

The PC Board in lower back by the compressor inside a plastic case, I believe it is a power supply board, was half submerged. I removed the board and sprayed it with wd-40 and brushed it good with a old paint brush then blew it off with air hose. It ran fine for a week then it stopped and the board just clicks every few seconds and led blinks on the board.

I jumpered power directly to the compressor pins and it starts up fine.

The board is around $100 bucks with shipping so I was wondering if it can be troubleshooted and repaired since it does not have many components on it and the chips should not have been damaged from water only the relays may have water inside but they appear to be sealed very well with epoxy around the pins. I tried to jumper the relay pins but no luck same clicking.

The board part number is EBR64173903

Anyone know how I can test it to be sure it is that board because I dont think I can return it if it is not the problem.

The rest of the fridge works and the condenser fan kicks on and all digital temp controls work etc just the compressor wont kick on.

Thanks for any advice.

Count the number of times that the light blinks---7 times?

It seemed to click constantly last time I tried messing with it a few weeks ago. Tonight I plugged it back in and it did not click at all, the condenser fan came on but compressor still did not start. Interior fan runs and lights work just no compressor running.

Is the number of flashes on the led a diagnostic code?


This unit has the Linear Compressor and I do not see any PTC device, the wires connect directly to the compressor pins from the lower board that had been half submerged in the flood water.

I am searching for the manual but all the LG ones on the AJ google drive seem to show a PTC circuit.

Does anyone have a linear compressor service manual or training documents on them?


Here's a manual for your fridge. If you order any parts from the affiliates, or, you can return the parts for any reason within a year. 

I haven't worked on a linear compressor fridge yet, but there's something interesting from the manual I want to note. The compressor looks just like a regular compressor.  There are three terminals.  The resistance reading from the lower pin to the upper left pin should be 6-8 ohms.  The upper right pin is not connected to anything, so the resistance to it will be infinite.  The reason I want to note this is because, if you didn't know this, you might assume the compressor is bad.


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