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Would you buy a extended warranty?

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We are shopping around for a new washer and dryer. Seems like every one is pushing extended warranties. They already come with a one year manufacture warranty.

Is the one year warranty good enough or should I look into buying the 5 year warranty?

Rather than be forced to buy extended warranties from retailers (should be included free), lots of consumers are turning to help forums like this instead. There's nothing special about what servicers do that you can't do with a bit of guidance. I have proven this time and again over the past few years by the emails I get from grateful rookies. Don't waste your money on warranties when you can learn how these products work and see how others have dealt with them right here.

I agree with that to a point.  One of the biggest difficulties with a home repair is obtaining parts.  I'm not a pro, and while I know parts are available online, if it's something you need now, you may not always have it available like the pros often do, especially nowadays with the more modern and often proprietary bits and pieces.

Of course, I still wouldn't spend money on an extended warranty- that's merely a cash grab, and an effective one at that.  Forums like this one are indeed a very valuable resource for helping folks muddle their way through repairs.  Provided you can access replacement parts, groups like this greatly help to solve problems often almost immediately, so if it's something unforseen, you can quickly snap some pics and post your questions.  Find a manual that will do that! :D

I'd suggest the best bet is to visit a forum like this at least once a week and read the threads, thoughts and ideas posted by other people- this will help you make an informed decision when it's time to decide whether to repair or replace items, and what to look for in the next one.  All the info is here, it's up to you to absorb and apply it!


I myself would buy an extended warranty on anything electronic. What with the type of weather we have here along the Gulf Coast,the thunderstorms,the hurricanes,and the salt air. Corrosion is a big problem and so is electrical spike. Lightning storms are wicked down here.

It also depends on how handy you are, what brand you buy (some brand parts & manuals are hard to find), check the availability before you buy.

And like JW said, if it's electronic, the more I'm for the warranty, depending of the price of the warranty and whose warranty it is (what company)

I bought the top-of-the-line LG W&D and bought the extended warranty on the washer (most important), but wasn't available on the dryer because it was bought as scratch & dent without a serial number.

I bought the 4yr warranty (OEM +3) on the $1200 LG washer from SquareTrade (an eBay affiliate) on sale for $62


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