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Victory FS-1D-S7 freezer won't get cold (just cool) after 3n1 installation

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My commercial freezer quit getting cold. Something would click, the compressor (I think) would hum, then a few seconds later it would click off. The cycle would repeat after several minutes.
I talked to a guy who knows these things, and he gave me a Supco RCO410 to install. I installed it, plugged in the freezer, and the freezer started running. YAY!
Now, the compressor fan runs continuously, even when the compressor is not running, and overnight, even with the thermostat turned all the way cold, the freezer only goes down to 24F.
I think I installed the 3n1 correctly, but could I be low on refrigerant?

Professionally, I do not like a 3 n 1 hard start. It puts far too much energy in the start winding and can cause catastrophic failure. Also, it provides no thermal overload protection.
 If the compressor will not start with the correct start device, you could use one, but put a 1000 joule surge protector in the wall outlet.
  Your compressor may have been overheating before due to a low refrigerant level. and shutting down on it's thermal overload.

 :thanks:Thanks for the reply, go400.  I will take your advice on the surge protector.  We like our house.
As for the inadequate cooling, what would be a quick, easy way to tell if I'm low on refrigerant, or I have some other issue?

Just do the normal checks, verify the condenser is clean and the condenser fan running, then verify no frost on the freezer back panel and remove the panel and check the frost pattern.
 Half, partial,ight frost verifies low refrigerant level.

Thanks again.
My next step is to tear apart the unit to gain better access to the condenser.  I will straighten out all the bent fins, and blow the dust out with an air compressor...again.
"Half, partial,ight frost verifies low refrigerant level." - I assume you are referring to the evaporator coil (?).  The evaporator lives in a box on top of the unit behind the compressor and controls, and a fan circulates the air through the evaporator, through the freezer.  That is blowing good and strong, albeit cold air, not VERY cold (sub-zero).
Next time I plug it in, should I check the behavior of this evaporator coil - see if it gets cold on top, cold on bottom, frosting too much, etc??


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